When a relationship ends: Documents regarding financial circumstances that you must have

A split in a relationship, be it divorce or separation in marriages or de facto relationships is a tough time for both the parties involved and more so when children are caught between the crumbling marriage and find themselves among the ruins of the relationship. Amid these sensitive and emotionally challenging times, it’s quite easy and natural for the parties involved to lose their focus and clarity of mind.

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Helping your kids when the relationship ends: Do’s and don’t s

Nothing lasts forever. Everything that starts must end. These words hold true for almost everything, but not necessarily so for relationships and marriages. Albeit they are not always made in heaven and differences between the involved parties can grow over time, but people generally work towards resolving the differences and bypassing the issues that might have crept between them and strive towards saving the marriage, especially when a child is involved. But sometimes the hardest of efforts can go futile and people have to opt for the heart breaking solution of divorce and separation.

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