Commercial law or business law or corporate law, as the name suggests, is the set of laws pertaining to the extensive and vast aspects of business and commercial transactions.

Commercial Law

If you have been served with a Charge Sheet and Summons, or have been contacted by police for an interview, you should seek independent legal advice to ensure that you are able to properly deal with the process and any allegations. The allegations maybe for summary or indictable offences; these different types of offences are dealt with differently in the criminal justice system, and you will need support to navigate the Court procedures.

You will then be best-placed to either defend the allegations, or achieve an appropriate sentencing outcome upon entering a plea. If you do not seek legal advice, you may not have access to the relevant information required to achieve the best possible outcomes before the Judge or Magistrate.

We can refer you to Criminal Lawyers that are experienced with summary and indictable offences including:

  • Bail Applications
  • Assault & Violent Offences
  • Prohibited Substance (Drug) Offences
  • Theft, Fraud & Property Offences
  • Sentencing
  • Appeals

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