Immigration laws and visa approval

Immigration laws and visa approval

Are you looking forward to work in Australia, or want to study in Australia? Maybe you are looking to sponsor a friend, family or life partner, or just want to make Australia your home. Or simply you are just looking for assistance in filling your visa application. If your answer to all these questions is yes, then we are here to help you.

There is a long gap between applying for and approval of a visa, temporary or permanent. The process is riddled with complications and intricate paperwork .The requirements and list of documents one needs to provide for approval of the visa by Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Minister for Immigration, is quite long and sometimes very confusing.

We along with our team of expert and efficient immigration lawyers are there to assist in every step of the visa application to visa approval. We will help you with the documents you need to provide for the visa and liaise with the officials from Department of Immigration and Border Protection on your behalf to facilitate and strengthen your case. We will also give you advice and advocacy in case of review of refusal at the Federal Circuit Court or Administrative Appeals Tribunal, in case your visa application gets rejected.

Our Expertise in Immigration law covers:

  • Student visa.
  • Worker visa
  • Business visa
  • Travel and tourism visa
  • Training visa
  • Refugee and humanitarian visa
  • Family visa
  • Partner visa
  • Intermediate visa

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