Traffic infringements are like small and occasional headaches, they hardly are a major issue, but cause much discomfort.

Traffic Infringements

Traffic infringements are like small and occasional headaches, they are hardly a major issue, but cause much discomfort. These irritates us and leads us astray from our daily schedule causing financial disruption. In this case, we act as a painkiller pill to take care of the headache for you.

Accidents and Compensation

In case of injury from a car accident, it is vital that the claim of compensation must be lodged within 28 days from the occurrence of the injury. Most compensation claims are resolved within 12 to 18 months of lodging the claim and are settled outside of court through mitigation.

Whether you are a motor vehicle driver or cyclist or biker or pedestrian we will fight your case with professional zeal and vigor and see to it that you get the rightful compensation that you deserve. Our highly experienced and adept personal injury lawyers understand every aspect of the legal systems and complications pertaining to road accidents and traffic laws and they strive towards your benefits and compensation

Our approach

We are highly experienced in dealing with cases regarding traffic infringements and have developed a unique expertise by successfully and efficiently settling numerous cases pertaining to this nature. Our team of prolific lawyers with an expertise on mitigation will come up with the most beneficial settlement. We believe in resolving these legal issues in a quick, fair and square and in a timely manner so that you can be relieved of these hassles and can go about your business in the usual way.

We will help you in achieving compensation for:

  • Payment of Medical Bills
  • Loss of Income
  • Pain and Suffering

We are expert in dealing with cases like:

  • Drunk driving or repeat drunk driving
  • Accidents with damage to life and property
  • Reckless driving with injury or damage to property
  • Application for retrieval of license
  • Over speeding
  • Traffic tickets
  • Road safety camera offences
  • Sheriff impoundments and unpaid fines
  • Tow truck offences

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